Tonna seashell

Caracol Tonna Grande

Decorative centrepiece made from a marine snail of the species tonna galea, with classic silver-plated brass garnish, acanthus-leaf decoration and a Moorish agate knot.

The Island

Plato The Island creado por Piró Orfebres y diseñado por Yonoh Estudio Creativo

Collaboration for the event ‘Diseño al Plato’, making a design by Yonoh Estudio Creativo, for a dish by Chef David Carrión, from the restaurant Submarino de l’Oceanogràfic in Valencia. Photo: Julio D. Moreno Brass, silver plated and nickel plated (gloss and black nickel).

Chapel behind the tabernacle

Production of decorative elements in gilded bronze with fine gold. This is a set of both architectural (capitals, bases and modillions) and decorative (lamps) pieces.

Pulpits ornamentation

Ornamentation of the church’s two pulpits to bring them into line with the general colour scheme of the church chancel. Marble slabs with decorated brass moulding frames and central rosettes were used. An ambo was made as the seat of speech in one of the pulpits. The elements of the chancel were made beforehand: the […]

Lamps of the Communion chapel in Alicante’s Co-cathedral

Restoration of the two votive lamps in the communion chapel of the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás in Alicante. The silver shells were recovered, the ensemble was consolidated for its stability and the elements that required it were gilded. The intervention was carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Face of Eternity’. Photo: The […]

Silver medal of the Lady of the forsaken

Silver medal that renews the traditional iconography of the Virgin of the Forsaken. We aim to offer the possibility of always wearing the Virgin, in a more modern and casual way.

Clasps for the facsimile of the Escolapios Book

Fittings made in sterling silver for the facsimile edition of the book of the Piarists, by Siloé Arte y Bibliofília. Replica of the fittings, in size and material, being totally faithful to the original book.