Crown of the Virgin of Grace

Restoration of the crowns, with detailed work on the jewels and replacement of the stars with ones more in keeping with the style of the work (the result of a previous intervention).

Crown of Our Lady of obloquy

Restoration of the crown made by our grandfather, Antonio Piró García, on the occasion of the coronation of the Virgen de las Injurias de Callosa d’en Sarrià (Alicante). The crown dates from 1954 and its restoration was carried out in 2016.

Chalice, goblet and patens

Eucharistic trousseau made with the donation of various materials and jewellery, with which the different pieces were made, applying the most important jewels to them.

Reliquary of Saint John Paul II

Made for the chapel of the Cristo del Feliz Tránsito, in the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia. It recreates an ancient expositor of the Holy Chalice, with two angels holding the stone and silver cup. It contains a relic of the Holy Pope, who officiated in this chapel and celebrated with […]

Lady of Patience of Oropesa del Mar

Complete restoration of the image, in collaboration with Xabier Sambonet. It conserved the crowns -the Virgin’s crown without the imperial crowns-. The imperials and the radiance are copied from old graphic documentation, from which the decoration and proportions of the lost pieces could be replicated.

Replica of the Holy Chalice of Valencia

Réplica del Santo Cáliz de Valencia realizada por Piró Orfebres

Replica of the Holy Chalice kept in Valencia Cathedral. Various versions are made, from replicas for decorative or devotional use, made of inexpensive materials, to the replica in the photograph, made of gilded silver, and with a silver inner cup, suitable for liturgical use.

Monstrace of Jativa

At the base, the martyrs of the collegiate church of Játiva are depicted in silver-plate figures.

Pearls chalice

Application of jewellery to a piece, at the express wish of the donor, as a family keepsake.

Romanesque chalice

Cáliz y plato de estilo románico creado por Piró Orfebres

The veneer that forms the chalice and paten is hand-beaten and polished by rubbing with agate to achieve an irregular surface, giving the piece an archaic appearance.

Gothic Crowns

Designed for a seated Virgin and child, using materials known at the time.

Glowing crown drawing

Design based on vases with lilies, an element associated with the Virgin Mary, to be made in silver, gilded silver, pearls and applied jewels.

Crown set for Our Lady of Peace

Set of crowns (with applied jewellery), olive branch and cross for the orb, both carried by the child. Material provided by the population for the making of the crowns.

Blessing cross

Hand cross, inspired by the blessing crosses of the Orthodox rite, decorated in the Western manner.

Sword of La Velette

Espada y daga de La Valetta

Made as a commemorative piece in memory of the Sword of Valour, given by Philip II to the Order of Malta in 1565 for its victory over the Turkish army, and preserved in the Louvre after Napoleon’s despoilment.