Reliquary of San Pascual Baylon

Relicario de San Pascual Baylon de Piró Orfebres

Figurative representation of the saint in full ecstasy, with the relic on his chest, and on a pedestal, just as it is represented in the monstrance of the parish of the saint’s patron saint in Valencia.

Lignum Crucis of Trinity Convent of Valencia

Complete and complex restoration of this reliquary, which had lost the elements that held the rock crystal pieces in place. They were reintegrated in style, using the same material and original techniques, and decorated in a similar way to allow them to be displayed and used. It was restored for the exhibition ‘The Glory of […]

Reliquary of Saint John Paul II

Made for the chapel of the Cristo del Feliz Tránsito, in the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia. It recreates an ancient expositor of the Holy Chalice, with two angels holding the stone and silver cup. It contains a relic of the Holy Pope, who officiated in this chapel and celebrated with […]

Reliquary of Christ thorns

We carried out a small repair and general cleaning of the reliquary, on the occasion of its display in the exhibition ‘The Crown of Aragon. Power and image from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age’ (Valencia, 2006). It is an important transitional piece between two styles, with a retardatory structure and decorative elements of […]

Lignum Crucis of Santo Toribio of Liébana

Lignum Crucis de Santo Toribio de Liébana

Restoration of a reliquary which, more than for its artistic importance, is important because it contains one of the most significant relics of Christianity. The intervention was based on dignifying the interior relic, restoring the metal, consolidating the pieces that required it, changing some very deteriorated methacrylate plates for bevelled glass and making a silver […]

Modern Reliquary

Symbolic representation of the flame of faith, supported by the palms of martyrdom.

Reliquary of Saint Peter

With the only preserved remains of an image of Saint Peter, desecrated during the Spanish Civil War, the arm was consolidated and a silver foot was made to venerate a relic of the saint.

Multiple chest reliquary

A reliquary-chest that houses a series of trays in which the different tekas are deposited, which are exchanged to be venerated in the small display case on the lid.