Creation of a wooden crucifix and metal appliqués for Christ, belonging to the Basilica of the Virgin of Valencia, made in collaboration with Artesanía Puerto.

Crystal rock cross from Papa Luna

Restoration of the set of pontifical reliquaries in Peñíscola for the exhibition ‘Sacred Landscapes’, by La Luz de las Imágenes, in 2004.

Communion Cross

Cross made in silver, with the motif of a communion, simulating two bamboo cane sticks tied together.

Processional cross of Castellón de la Plana Cathedral

Cruz procesional de la Concatedral de Castellón de la Plana- Piró Orfebres

Cleaning and consolidation of elements carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Espais de Llum’. It is one of the most important examples of Valencian processional crosses, combining a profuse volumetric decoration, with fretwork with enamel backgrounds, with the figure of Christ embodied by Juan de Juanes. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Processional cross of Vilafranca

Restoration of a cross that had serious conservation problems. The replacement of lost decorative elements (copying those preserved in the same work), elimination of important tin soldering, consolidation and reinforcement of the interior wooden core, and making a ring in the lower part of the shaft, are some of the works that were carried out, […]

Pectoral cross

Silver pectoral cross and ivory plate engraved in modern lines with a pantocrator and the tetramorph.

Processional cross of Lanzuela, Teruel

Complete restoration of this Gothic cross. Structural intervention to give it stability and allow it to be used, chromatic replacement with fire enamel and gilding of the silver by means of electrolytic bathing in fine gold (without prior nickel plating).

Rock crystal processional cross

Restored for the Pulchra Magistri exhibition, the intervention consisted of cleaning the glass elements, consolidating one of the glass pieces by means of a square gilded copper gown, structural consolidation by means of internal threads – concealed by silver-plated brass hinges – and gilding the shaft and the ends of the arms. The premise was […]

Processional cross of the Comí of San Mateo. XIV

Complete restoration carried out in the 1990s. It has subsequently undergone cleaning work. Consolidation of the structure and loose decorative elements, replacement of lost elements (taking as a model those conserved in the work itself), cleaning and consolidation of the enamels, direct gilding (without prior nickel plating) and burnishing with agate.

Minor processional cross of Traiguera S XVI

Structural consolidation, replacing a piece of lost rock crystal in silver. Consolidation of decorative and supporting elements, direct gilding (without prior nickel plating) and burnishing with agate.

Agres cross

Cross for the presbytery with the iconographic development typical of these crosses and the patron saint of the parish, Saint Michael, in the macolla.

Blessing cross

Hand cross, inspired by the blessing crosses of the Orthodox rite, decorated in the Western manner.

Table cross

Christ on an ebony cross with silver corner pieces and a base with Renaissance decoration.

Novelda’s processional cross

Cross of Byzantine inspiration, with the iconography typical of processional crosses on the arms and Christian symbolism on the knot.