Set of chalice with display stand for the Blessed Sacrament, topped by a rock crystal patriarchal cross provided by the customer.

Chalice, goblet and patens

Eucharistic trousseau made with the donation of various materials and jewellery, with which the different pieces were made, applying the most important jewels to them.

Pelayo abbot´s Chalice replay

A replica, with slight variations, of the chalice exhibited in the Louvre Museum, in which we have tried to capture the essence of the original chalice and paten, in its primitive style, to be used habitually.

Roman Canon chalice

The chalice is Gothic in style, decorated with cardinals, architectural elements (stained glass) and inscriptions on the shaft and the knot. The carved scenes on the foot, from both the Old and New Testament, have been selected by the client and interpreted to suit the artistic style of the work.

Coconut chalice

Cup made with an elongated coconut nut, placed vertically, and garnished with handles, foot, lid and inner cup of sterling silver.

Replica of a French holy chalice

Reproduction of a late 19th century French chalice from the original, using silicone moulds, lost wax casting, and subsequent chisel reworking to ‘refresh’ the final finish.

Replica of the holy chalice of Calixto III

Replica of the chalice of Pope Calixtus III, kept in the Collegiate Church of Xátiva and made as an institutional gift from the Generalitat Valenciana during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Valencia in 2006.

Replica of the Holy Chalice of Valencia

Réplica del Santo Cáliz de Valencia realizada por Piró Orfebres

Replica of the Holy Chalice kept in Valencia Cathedral. Various versions are made, from replicas for decorative or devotional use, made of inexpensive materials, to the replica in the photograph, made of gilded silver, and with a silver inner cup, suitable for liturgical use.

Pearls chalice

Application of jewellery to a piece, at the express wish of the donor, as a family keepsake.

Archangles chalice

It has a complete iconographic development throughout the entire piece in the surcope, knot and base of the chalice.