Gothic inspired crozier

The knot houses some stones provided by the client himself, with the premise that they would be integrated into the work.

Bamboo crozier

Bamboo cane was used with the premise of making a staff that was both strong and as light as possible, due to the physical handicap of the bishop to whom it was addressed.

Crozier with Christ replica

Being a creation with its own design, the curve presents a replica of the Christ that the client requested.

Crozier of the Auxiliary Bishop of Panama

It has a complete silver pole and another made of bamboo cane, as this is a material typical of the place it is destined for. The image of the Virgen de los Desamparados is on the knot, given the bishop’s Valencian origin.

Showcase of Our Lady of Agres

The interior houses an ivory image of the Virgin, flanked by two angels and a rose at her feet and, on the back, the representation of the Sanctuary of Agres as Porta Coeli.

Crosier of de Apostolic Nuncio

Crozier made for the Apostolic Nuncio in the Central African Republic, of Valencian origin, which is why it contains iconography related to our land.

Monstrance of the fishermen

Consolidation and cleaning of this monumental monstrance, on the occasion of the Light of the Images exhibition ‘The Glory of the Baroque’. The structure and various decorative elements were consolidated, the surface was cleaned and a new araceli was made in gilded silver so that it could be used again after the exhibition.

Lignum Crucis of Trinity Convent of Valencia

Complete and complex restoration of this reliquary, which had lost the elements that held the rock crystal pieces in place. They were reintegrated in style, using the same material and original techniques, and decorated in a similar way to allow them to be displayed and used. It was restored for the exhibition ‘The Glory of […]


Crozier made on the model of a painting preserved in the sacristy of Valencia Cathedral. The design was reinterpreted while remaining faithful to the crozier on which it was inspired.

Crosier with ivory gnarl

Modern-style crozier, although with a clear Gothic imprint in the curve closed on itself, in the spherical knot, or in the upper blades. Simple in its execution, with the symbolic charge in the knot: episcopal coat of arms and Alpha and Omega on the sides of the knot.

Boxwood crossier

Crozier made from a real boxwood shepherd’s staff. The wood is silver-plated and the knot depicts a figure of the Good Shepherd and the episcopal coat of arms.