Crown of Our Lady of obloquy

Restoration of the crown made by our grandfather, Antonio Piró García, on the occasion of the coronation of the Virgen de las Injurias de Callosa d’en Sarrià (Alicante). The crown dates from 1954 and its restoration was carried out in 2016.

Episcopal seal

We have made many stamps for bishops, in different shapes and styles.


Tiara realizada para una novia, con decoración a base de ritmos vegetales recorriendo la cinta de plata, y una venera enmarcando la pieza central, una esmeralda engarzada en oro y rodeada por otras de menor tamaño.

Gothic Crowns

Designed for a seated Virgin and child, using materials known at the time.

Crown set for Our Lady of Peace

Set of crowns (with applied jewellery), olive branch and cross for the orb, both carried by the child. Material provided by the population for the making of the crowns.

Sword of La Velette

Espada y daga de La Valetta

Made as a commemorative piece in memory of the Sword of Valour, given by Philip II to the Order of Malta in 1565 for its victory over the Turkish army, and preserved in the Louvre after Napoleon’s despoilment.