Lamps of the Communion chapel in Alicante’s Co-cathedral

Restoration of the two votive lamps in the communion chapel of the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás in Alicante. The silver shells were recovered, the ensemble was consolidated for its stability and the elements that required it were gilded. The intervention was carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Face of Eternity’. Photo: The […]

Medallion of the trousseau of Our Lady of August

Piece belonging to a set of works, in the Valencian tradition of decorating recumbent Virgins in representation of the dormition or transit (crown, halo, crescent moon and card). This set belongs to Oliva (Valencia), and was restored on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Glory of the Baroque’. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Rock crystal processional cross

Restored for the Pulchra Magistri exhibition, the intervention consisted of cleaning the glass elements, consolidating one of the glass pieces by means of a square gilded copper gown, structural consolidation by means of internal threads – concealed by silver-plated brass hinges – and gilding the shaft and the ends of the arms. The premise was […]

Romanesque Tabernacle of Siguenza

Tabernacle inspired by the tradition of Spanish Romanesque pediments, with chapel fronts housing the apostolate and a pantocrator in the mystical mandorla as the main figure in the door.

Eucharistic Dove

Inspired by the ancient pigeons that served as a receptacle for the Easter stock.