Gothic inspired crozier

The knot houses some stones provided by the client himself, with the premise that they would be integrated into the work.


Creation of a wooden crucifix and metal appliqués for Christ, belonging to the Basilica of the Virgin of Valencia, made in collaboration with Artesanía Puerto.

Processional cross of Castellón de la Plana Cathedral

Cruz procesional de la Concatedral de Castellón de la Plana- Piró Orfebres

Cleaning and consolidation of elements carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Espais de Llum’. It is one of the most important examples of Valencian processional crosses, combining a profuse volumetric decoration, with fretwork with enamel backgrounds, with the figure of Christ embodied by Juan de Juanes. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Processional cross of Vilafranca

Restoration of a cross that had serious conservation problems. The replacement of lost decorative elements (copying those preserved in the same work), elimination of important tin soldering, consolidation and reinforcement of the interior wooden core, and making a ring in the lower part of the shaft, are some of the works that were carried out, […]

Crosier with ivory gnarl

Modern-style crozier, although with a clear Gothic imprint in the curve closed on itself, in the spherical knot, or in the upper blades. Simple in its execution, with the symbolic charge in the knot: episcopal coat of arms and Alpha and Omega on the sides of the knot.

Boxwood crossier

Crozier made from a real boxwood shepherd’s staff. The wood is silver-plated and the knot depicts a figure of the Good Shepherd and the episcopal coat of arms.

Lady of Patience of Oropesa del Mar

Complete restoration of the image, in collaboration with Xabier Sambonet. It conserved the crowns -the Virgin’s crown without the imperial crowns-. The imperials and the radiance are copied from old graphic documentation, from which the decoration and proportions of the lost pieces could be replicated.

Altarpiece of the Epiphany

Domestic triptych-altarpiece, belonging to a private collection. It represents, in enamel by the specialist Consuelo Llopis, the Adoration of the Magi, flanked by Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. The exterior is mounted with the central street between two balustraded columns. The doors are closed to protect the enamel and the whole is decorated with Renaissance […]

Restoration project of an image

Multidisciplinary intervention project on an image of Ráfol de Almúnia, in which we made crowns and a rose, while the cleaning and consolidation of the image was carried out by Xavier Sambonet.

Replica of Our Lady Immaculate of Juan of Juanes

Replica to scale and in combined silver of the painting by Juan de Juanes of the Church of the Society of Jesus in Valencia. It depicts the Virgin crowned, above the crescent moon, and surrounded by the litanies.

Eucharistic chest

Chest with a liturgical type iconographic development, with the evangelists on the sides and Christ the Saviour between the Roman soldiers as the top of the lid. The interior houses a small ciborium in the style of the paschal reserve.

Reliquary of Saint Peter

With the only preserved remains of an image of Saint Peter, desecrated during the Spanish Civil War, the arm was consolidated and a silver foot was made to venerate a relic of the saint.

Domestic calvary alterpiece

Altarpiece depicting the Calvary, with an antique ivory Christ that was mutilated and, on the doors, Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony, saints of family devotion.