Pulpits ornamentation

Ornamentation of the church’s two pulpits to bring them into line with the general colour scheme of the church chancel. Marble slabs with decorated brass moulding frames and central rosettes were used. An ambo was made as the seat of speech in one of the pulpits. The elements of the chancel were made beforehand: the […]

Replica of the Holy Chalice of Valencia

Réplica del Santo Cáliz de Valencia realizada por Piró Orfebres

Replica of the Holy Chalice kept in Valencia Cathedral. Various versions are made, from replicas for decorative or devotional use, made of inexpensive materials, to the replica in the photograph, made of gilded silver, and with a silver inner cup, suitable for liturgical use.

San Vicente Ferrer bronze figure

Commemorative figure, in recognition of the institution’s recognition of its patrons. Production of both the figures and institutional medals and corporate jewellery (badges, tie clips, pendants…) for the Imperial College of Orphaned Children of San Vicente Ferrer and its Foundation.

Image of Our Lady of the Puig

On the front is the slab with the image and on the back, in embossed silver plate, a representation of the discovery of the image.