Showcase of Our Lady of Agres

The interior houses an ivory image of the Virgin, flanked by two angels and a rose at her feet and, on the back, the representation of the Sanctuary of Agres as Porta Coeli.

Crown of Our Lady of obloquy

Restoration of the crown made by our grandfather, Antonio Piró García, on the occasion of the coronation of the Virgen de las Injurias de Callosa d’en Sarrià (Alicante). The crown dates from 1954 and its restoration was carried out in 2016.

Crosier with ivory gnarl

Modern-style crozier, although with a clear Gothic imprint in the curve closed on itself, in the spherical knot, or in the upper blades. Simple in its execution, with the symbolic charge in the knot: episcopal coat of arms and Alpha and Omega on the sides of the knot.

Pectoral cross

Silver pectoral cross and ivory plate engraved in modern lines with a pantocrator and the tetramorph.

Domestic calvary alterpiece

Altarpiece depicting the Calvary, with an antique ivory Christ that was mutilated and, on the doors, Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony, saints of family devotion.

Archangels portapaz

Made to frame an antique miniature on copper using, in addition, four ivory figures.

Agres cross

Cross for the presbytery with the iconographic development typical of these crosses and the patron saint of the parish, Saint Michael, in the macolla.

Blessing cross

Hand cross, inspired by the blessing crosses of the Orthodox rite, decorated in the Western manner.


Jug decorated with medallions and classicist figures, with a silver body embossed with plant motifs, cartouches and ovals.