Gothic inspired crozier

The knot houses some stones provided by the client himself, with the premise that they would be integrated into the work.

Crown of the Virgin of Grace

Restoration of the crowns, with detailed work on the jewels and replacement of the stars with ones more in keeping with the style of the work (the result of a previous intervention).


Set of chalice with display stand for the Blessed Sacrament, topped by a rock crystal patriarchal cross provided by the customer.

Crown of Our Lady of obloquy

Restoration of the crown made by our grandfather, Antonio Piró García, on the occasion of the coronation of the Virgen de las Injurias de Callosa d’en Sarrià (Alicante). The crown dates from 1954 and its restoration was carried out in 2016.

Chalice, goblet and patens

Eucharistic trousseau made with the donation of various materials and jewellery, with which the different pieces were made, applying the most important jewels to them.


Halo for the Infant Jesus, made to match the back scratching, preserved in the historic crown set.

Monstrance of bread and fishes

Monstrance of contemporary design, expressly made for a temple with modern lines and framed in a maritime context. Made of silver, gilded silver and sapphires.

Medallion of the trousseau of Our Lady of August

Piece belonging to a set of works, in the Valencian tradition of decorating recumbent Virgins in representation of the dormition or transit (crown, halo, crescent moon and card). This set belongs to Oliva (Valencia), and was restored on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Glory of the Baroque’. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Reliquary of Saint John Paul II

Made for the chapel of the Cristo del Feliz Tránsito, in the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia. It recreates an ancient expositor of the Holy Chalice, with two angels holding the stone and silver cup. It contains a relic of the Holy Pope, who officiated in this chapel and celebrated with […]

Lady of Patience of Oropesa del Mar

Complete restoration of the image, in collaboration with Xabier Sambonet. It conserved the crowns -the Virgin’s crown without the imperial crowns-. The imperials and the radiance are copied from old graphic documentation, from which the decoration and proportions of the lost pieces could be replicated.

Altarpiece of the Epiphany

Domestic triptych-altarpiece, belonging to a private collection. It represents, in enamel by the specialist Consuelo Llopis, the Adoration of the Magi, flanked by Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. The exterior is mounted with the central street between two balustraded columns. The doors are closed to protect the enamel and the whole is decorated with Renaissance […]