Chalice, goblet and patens

Eucharistic trousseau made with the donation of various materials and jewellery, with which the different pieces were made, applying the most important jewels to them.

Crystal rock cross from Papa Luna

Restoration of the set of pontifical reliquaries in Peñíscola for the exhibition ‘Sacred Landscapes’, by La Luz de las Imágenes, in 2004.

Processional cross of Castellón de la Plana Cathedral

Cruz procesional de la Concatedral de Castellón de la Plana- Piró Orfebres

Cleaning and consolidation of elements carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Espais de Llum’. It is one of the most important examples of Valencian processional crosses, combining a profuse volumetric decoration, with fretwork with enamel backgrounds, with the figure of Christ embodied by Juan de Juanes. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Processional cross of Vilafranca

Restoration of a cross that had serious conservation problems. The replacement of lost decorative elements (copying those preserved in the same work), elimination of important tin soldering, consolidation and reinforcement of the interior wooden core, and making a ring in the lower part of the shaft, are some of the works that were carried out, […]

Altarpiece of the Epiphany

Domestic triptych-altarpiece, belonging to a private collection. It represents, in enamel by the specialist Consuelo Llopis, the Adoration of the Magi, flanked by Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. The exterior is mounted with the central street between two balustraded columns. The doors are closed to protect the enamel and the whole is decorated with Renaissance […]

Processional monstrance of Traiguera S. XV

Custodia procesional de Traiguera S. XV

Restored in 2005, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Sacred Landscapes’ of the Light of Images Foundation. Intervention co-directed by Professor Núria de Dalmases (Professor of medieval art at the University of Barcelona), Josep Lluís Gil (heritage inspector for the Generalitat Valenciana) and Antonio Piró, goldsmith. Structural consolidation, replacement of lost elements (taking as a […]

Eucharistic Dove

Inspired by the ancient pigeons that served as a receptacle for the Easter stock.

Portapaz with enamel

Inspired by the classic coffin-holders that have fallen into disuse in churches and are nowadays used for devotional or decorative purposes.

Image of Our Lady of the Puig

On the front is the slab with the image and on the back, in embossed silver plate, a representation of the discovery of the image.

Pearls chalice

Application of jewellery to a piece, at the express wish of the donor, as a family keepsake.

Gothic chalice with enamel

Réplica del Cáliz Gótico con esmaltes de San Francisco Javier de Piró Orfebres

Architectural and vegetal decoration, with overcopa embossed with cardinals. Enamels with rosettes on the knot and with the iconography requested by the client on the base.

Romanesque chalice

Cáliz y plato de estilo románico creado por Piró Orfebres

The veneer that forms the chalice and paten is hand-beaten and polished by rubbing with agate to achieve an irregular surface, giving the piece an archaic appearance.

Sword of La Velette

Espada y daga de La Valetta

Made as a commemorative piece in memory of the Sword of Valour, given by Philip II to the Order of Malta in 1565 for its victory over the Turkish army, and preserved in the Louvre after Napoleon’s despoilment.