Showcase of Our Lady of Agres

The interior houses an ivory image of the Virgin, flanked by two angels and a rose at her feet and, on the back, the representation of the Sanctuary of Agres as Porta Coeli.

Crown of the Virgin of Grace

Restoration of the crowns, with detailed work on the jewels and replacement of the stars with ones more in keeping with the style of the work (the result of a previous intervention).

Crystal rock cross from Papa Luna

Restoration of the set of pontifical reliquaries in Peñíscola for the exhibition ‘Sacred Landscapes’, by La Luz de las Imágenes, in 2004.

Modern Reliquary

Symbolic representation of the flame of faith, supported by the palms of martyrdom.

Papal bull showcase

Presenter of the papal document granting the title of cardinal to Mn. Agustín García-Gasco, Archbishop of Valencia.

Sword of La Velette

Espada y daga de La Valetta

Made as a commemorative piece in memory of the Sword of Valour, given by Philip II to the Order of Malta in 1565 for its victory over the Turkish army, and preserved in the Louvre after Napoleon’s despoilment.