Pelayo abbot´s Chalice replay

A replica, with slight variations, of the chalice exhibited in the Louvre Museum, in which we have tried to capture the essence of the original chalice and paten, in its primitive style, to be used habitually.

Romanesque Tabernacle of Siguenza

Tabernacle inspired by the tradition of Spanish Romanesque pediments, with chapel fronts housing the apostolate and a pantocrator in the mystical mandorla as the main figure in the door.

Eucharistic Dove

Inspired by the ancient pigeons that served as a receptacle for the Easter stock.

Romanesque chalice

Cáliz y plato de estilo románico creado por Piró Orfebres

The veneer that forms the chalice and paten is hand-beaten and polished by rubbing with agate to achieve an irregular surface, giving the piece an archaic appearance.