Coconut nativity scene

For the use of coconut in pieces of goldsmith’s work we were inspired by the chalices of S. Luis Bertán.

Coconut chalice

Cup made with an elongated coconut nut, placed vertically, and garnished with handles, foot, lid and inner cup of sterling silver.

Processional cross of Castellón de la Plana Cathedral

Cruz procesional de la Concatedral de Castellón de la Plana- Piró Orfebres

Cleaning and consolidation of elements carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Espais de Llum’. It is one of the most important examples of Valencian processional crosses, combining a profuse volumetric decoration, with fretwork with enamel backgrounds, with the figure of Christ embodied by Juan de Juanes. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Lignum Crucis of Trinity Convent of Valencia

Complete and complex restoration of this reliquary, which had lost the elements that held the rock crystal pieces in place. They were reintegrated in style, using the same material and original techniques, and decorated in a similar way to allow them to be displayed and used. It was restored for the exhibition ‘The Glory of […]

Chest monstrance of Villareal

Renaissance casket that fulfilled the dual function of housing the forms in the casket adored by the two angels and also served as a monstrance, with a monstrance – now lost – that would have been located in the place of the cross. It was restored (consolidation and cleaning) on the occasion of the exhibition […]

Reliquary of Saint John Paul II

Made for the chapel of the Cristo del Feliz Tránsito, in the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia. It recreates an ancient expositor of the Holy Chalice, with two angels holding the stone and silver cup. It contains a relic of the Holy Pope, who officiated in this chapel and celebrated with […]

Lady of Patience of Oropesa del Mar

Complete restoration of the image, in collaboration with Xabier Sambonet. It conserved the crowns -the Virgin’s crown without the imperial crowns-. The imperials and the radiance are copied from old graphic documentation, from which the decoration and proportions of the lost pieces could be replicated.

Altarpiece of the Epiphany

Domestic triptych-altarpiece, belonging to a private collection. It represents, in enamel by the specialist Consuelo Llopis, the Adoration of the Magi, flanked by Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. The exterior is mounted with the central street between two balustraded columns. The doors are closed to protect the enamel and the whole is decorated with Renaissance […]

Replica of the holy chalice of Calixto III

Replica of the chalice of Pope Calixtus III, kept in the Collegiate Church of Xátiva and made as an institutional gift from the Generalitat Valenciana during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Valencia in 2006.

Minor processional cross of Traiguera S XVI

Structural consolidation, replacing a piece of lost rock crystal in silver. Consolidation of decorative and supporting elements, direct gilding (without prior nickel plating) and burnishing with agate.

Monstrace of Gandia

Restoration of the glow, with a curious heart-shaped box, and creation of the shaft and foot in style (it remains undecorated to complete the project in the future).