Bamboo crozier

Bamboo cane was used with the premise of making a staff that was both strong and as light as possible, due to the physical handicap of the bishop to whom it was addressed.

Crozier of the Auxiliary Bishop of Panama

It has a complete silver pole and another made of bamboo cane, as this is a material typical of the place it is destined for. The image of the Virgen de los Desamparados is on the knot, given the bishop’s Valencian origin.

Crosier of de Apostolic Nuncio

Crozier made for the Apostolic Nuncio in the Central African Republic, of Valencian origin, which is why it contains iconography related to our land.

Tabernacle in Santa María del Campo Rus

The tabernacle is in keeping with the decoration of the presbytery of the parish church, highlighted by a rear LED light, as are the images in the tabernacle.

Monstrance of bread and fishes

Monstrance of contemporary design, expressly made for a temple with modern lines and framed in a maritime context. Made of silver, gilded silver and sapphires.

The Island

Plato The Island creado por Piró Orfebres y diseñado por Yonoh Estudio Creativo

Collaboration for the event ‘Diseño al Plato’, making a design by Yonoh Estudio Creativo, for a dish by Chef David Carrión, from the restaurant Submarino de l’Oceanogràfic in Valencia. Photo: Julio D. Moreno Brass, silver plated and nickel plated (gloss and black nickel).

Episcopal seal

We have made many stamps for bishops, in different shapes and styles.

Communion Cross

Cross made in silver, with the motif of a communion, simulating two bamboo cane sticks tied together.

Pectoral cross

Silver pectoral cross and ivory plate engraved in modern lines with a pantocrator and the tetramorph.

Silver medal of the Lady of the forsaken

Silver medal that renews the traditional iconography of the Virgin of the Forsaken. We aim to offer the possibility of always wearing the Virgin, in a more modern and casual way.

Monstrace of the Annunciation

The symbolism of the shining sheaf of wheat and the Eucharistic elements is joined by the scene of the Annunciation (due to the ownership of the parish) with the Virgin as the first recipient of Christ.

Wheat sheaf monstrace

Powerful symbolism of the sheaf of wheat as one of the Eucharistic elements, in the form of a beam or glow around the aracheli.

Minor monstrace

Simplicity and symbolism of wheat as a Eucharistic element.