Crown of the Virgin of Grace

Restoration of the crowns, with detailed work on the jewels and replacement of the stars with ones more in keeping with the style of the work (the result of a previous intervention).

Restoration of altar bronzes

Restoration of the bronzes of the altarpiece (capitals, bases, cartouches…) on the main altar of the Church of Nuestra Señora del Don in Alfafar (Valencia).


Set of chalice with display stand for the Blessed Sacrament, topped by a rock crystal patriarchal cross provided by the customer.

Lamps of the Communion chapel in Alicante’s Co-cathedral

Restoration of the two votive lamps in the communion chapel of the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás in Alicante. The silver shells were recovered, the ensemble was consolidated for its stability and the elements that required it were gilded. The intervention was carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Face of Eternity’. Photo: The […]

Medallion of the trousseau of Our Lady of August

Piece belonging to a set of works, in the Valencian tradition of decorating recumbent Virgins in representation of the dormition or transit (crown, halo, crescent moon and card). This set belongs to Oliva (Valencia), and was restored on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Glory of the Baroque’. Photo: The Light of the Images.

Old fashion design

Realización de diseño antiguo

Creation of a crown by copying an old sketch, taken from the historical archive of examinations of the silversmiths’ guild of Valencia. Drawing by Pedro Martínez (1624). This drawing was chosen at the client’s request.

Monstrace of San Lorenzo of Alberique

Reconstruction of the upper part from the remains preserved after its desecration in wartime, subsequent concealment and discovery. Location of the numerous fragments found, replacement of lost elements (taking as a model those preserved in the work itself), creation of a foot, based on models of the period and geographical area, direct gilding (without previous […]

Multiple chest reliquary

A reliquary-chest that houses a series of trays in which the different tekas are deposited, which are exchanged to be venerated in the small display case on the lid.

Processional custody of Santander Cathedral

The design of this monstrance was based on the jewels that the donor wanted to be kept in the monstrance. Iconographic programme of Tabor, with Moses and Elijah and, on the shaft, the virtues (Faith and Hope, Charity is represented in the sacred form).

Crown for Purisima Virgin of Puebla del Salvador

Crown with an exclusive design for the titular image of the Old Brotherhood of María Santísima de la Concepción in Puebla del Salvador (Cuenca). It combines symbolic elements chosen by the client, jugs with lilies – alluding to the brotherhood’s coat of arms – and different jewellery votive offerings belonging to devotees of this image.

Glowing crown drawing

Design based on vases with lilies, an element associated with the Virgin Mary, to be made in silver, gilded silver, pearls and applied jewels.

Crown set for Our Lady of Peace

Set of crowns (with applied jewellery), olive branch and cross for the orb, both carried by the child. Material provided by the population for the making of the crowns.

Comb-like glow

Diseño con alegorías de la Virgen, rayos, estrellas, y ritmos de eses y rocallas cinceladas.


Table candelabra, detachable so that it can be used with a single central candle, or with a coupling for three outer arms and a central one.