Glowing crown drawing

Design based on vases with lilies, an element associated with the Virgin Mary, to be made in silver, gilded silver, pearls and applied jewels.


Jug decorated with medallions and classicist figures, with a silver body embossed with plant motifs, cartouches and ovals.


Copa de Nautilus realizada por Piró Orfebres

Nautilus shell with gilt silver trimming, supported by three child-atlantes and decorated foot.

Nautilus Pompilus

Copa de Nautilus Pompilius creada por Piró Orfebres

Nautilus pompilus shell with garnish, lid and finial, supported by satyr figures and decorated base.

Sword of La Velette

Espada y daga de La Valetta

Made as a commemorative piece in memory of the Sword of Valour, given by Philip II to the Order of Malta in 1565 for its victory over the Turkish army, and preserved in the Louvre after Napoleon’s despoilment.

Ostrich Cup

Inspired by the old tabletop pieces that, in addition to serving as spice racks, were intended to amaze and decorate. Created in gilded silver, with ostrich egg and lapis lazuli dial.

Coconut jewelry box

Small jewellery box made of polished coconut shell and garnished with gilt silver pieces: clasp, legs and top.


Table candelabra, detachable so that it can be used with a single central candle, or with a coupling for three outer arms and a central one.

Agate casket

Decorative chest with agate plaques on the fronts, cabochons on the lid and rock-crystal spheres set in the legs and finial. Made of silver, gilt brass, walnut wood, agate and rock crystal.