Antonio Piró - Orfebre en Valencia

Our team

We offer a friendly and personalized service. These are qualities that our profession always requires. We create exclusive pieces of work since our clients are all different and unique. This is the reason for us to offer:

Design: We work exclusively for each client. We like to create one or more previous sketches in order to capture both the needs and expectations of our clients, and ours -artistic, functional, material, etc.- that emerge in the creation and developement of the work.

Techniques: We are craftsmen. We use our professional techniques, such as: chiselling different surfaces, fire welds, polishing gold with agate burnisher, etc.

Technical and artistic advice: We advise our clients on the proper choice of materials and techniques, based on usage, practicality, symbology, relevance, durability…

Customers service: We like to have a close and warm relationship with our clients during the whole process, that begins once they come into the workroom and ends after they have the work in their hands.

Sello de Piró Orfebres