Proceso de realización de un cáliz por Piró Orfebres


What is a goldsmith?

A goldsmith is someone who works with gold and other precious and noble metals. Historically, different terminology was used depending on the material of the work. For example, there was a diference between goldsmith and silversmith, or even between gold and white silversmith.

But nowadays, the term goldsmith is more popular and it is used for professionals who work in the field of jewelry, even amateurs that make plastic beads and use other low-quality materials, descrediting the tradition of our profession.

Currently, due to the decline of our field, our work has been extended beyond the traditional boundaries of silversmiths or goldsmiths. We work with all kinds of materials. Apart from the words and their meaning, we prefer that our works speak for themselves, and also speak about us, about our way of understanding our profession and about our way of understanding life.

Piró: brand and certifications

In our profession, the stamp identifies the goldsmith who makes a piece of work. Back in the Middle Ages, the city mints stamped the finished pieces in order to indicate that quality control procedures had been taken of the material used in the works. The guilds also used to examine the works done by goldsmiths in order to certify their masterhood.

Our seal is a fire flame. This symbol connects us with this profession formally and etymologically. Fire (pyros) is one of the essential elements of Nature and one of the key ‘ingredients’ of our profession …

We are registered and qualified by the Crafts Centre of the Comunidad Valenciana.

Sello de Piró Orfebres