Reliquary of San Pascual Baylon

Relicario de San Pascual Baylon de Piró Orfebres

Figurative representation of the saint in full ecstasy, with the relic on his chest, and on a pedestal, just as it is represented in the monstrance of the parish of the saint’s patron saint in Valencia.

Showcase of Our Lady of Agres

The interior houses an ivory image of the Virgin, flanked by two angels and a rose at her feet and, on the back, the representation of the Sanctuary of Agres as Porta Coeli.

Crown of the Virgin of Grace

Restoration of the crowns, with detailed work on the jewels and replacement of the stars with ones more in keeping with the style of the work (the result of a previous intervention).

Plate of cruets and bell

Bandeja de vinajeras y campanilla Andorra

Set of cruets and bell on a tray. Made in silver, matching all the Eucharistic trousseau of a private chapel in Andorra.


Set of chalice with display stand for the Blessed Sacrament, topped by a rock crystal patriarchal cross provided by the customer.


Halo for the Infant Jesus, made to match the back scratching, preserved in the historic crown set.

Crosier of de Apostolic Nuncio

Crozier made for the Apostolic Nuncio in the Central African Republic, of Valencian origin, which is why it contains iconography related to our land.

Monstrance of bread and fishes

Monstrance of contemporary design, expressly made for a temple with modern lines and framed in a maritime context. Made of silver, gilded silver and sapphires.

New plinth for Virgin of Lledó

Stand made for the correct location and exhibition of the Virgin in her dressing room. Made for the 75th anniversary of the blessing of the new image.

Pelayo abbot´s Chalice replay

A replica, with slight variations, of the chalice exhibited in the Louvre Museum, in which we have tried to capture the essence of the original chalice and paten, in its primitive style, to be used habitually.

Roman Canon chalice

The chalice is Gothic in style, decorated with cardinals, architectural elements (stained glass) and inscriptions on the shaft and the knot. The carved scenes on the foot, from both the Old and New Testament, have been selected by the client and interpreted to suit the artistic style of the work.

Lamps of the Communion chapel in Alicante’s Co-cathedral

Restoration of the two votive lamps in the communion chapel of the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás in Alicante. The silver shells were recovered, the ensemble was consolidated for its stability and the elements that required it were gilded. The intervention was carried out on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Face of Eternity’. Photo: The […]